And the Creep of the Year Award goes too….

No one ever likes to prejudge or let stereotypes get the best of us. However, if Bryan here doesn’t fit the description of your run of the mill child molester, pedophile or kiddie porn dude than I don’t know who does. Thats why mug shots on arrests are a must in all news pieces. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case it’s worth at least a million words. By far the most notable and most important words that come to mind from this image are “Stay the fuck away”. Imagine this dude lived on your block as a kid? Nightmares for days.

Now, all of that aside, this guy had some serious game and cut throat tactics. I can just see his evil, creepy face sitting in front of his jizz stained laptop plotting out that thong underwear blackmail. Genius thinking but oh so sinister. Hey pal, why don’t you try putting some of that think tank to good use like getting a job rather than sitting in your parents basement starting a god damn kiddie porn museum.

I don’t think you can lock Brianna (Bryan) up for long enough. Dude is seriously damaged goods. He got 20 years so basically he will hit the streets (cyberspace) a heck of a lot more older and creepier.