Cats are Killer

Fucking cats. Not only are they useless but now apparently they can be deadly too! What in the world did this poor guy do to have his cat try to blow his apartment to smithereens?

I know what you are thinking, that this cat turned that deadly gas on by accident. I say bullshit. Cats get angry. Cats hold grudges. And this was apparently a hungry cat, which makes him 10 times more irritated and annoying than a regular cat. This guy had no shot! If you piss a cat off once good luck clearing your name ever again. I pissed my grand mom’s cat off once when I was 10 and that fucker hissed and clawed at me till I is was in my 20’s. They NEVER forget.

Herein lies just another example of why dogs are way better pets and cooler companions than cats could ever be. Dogs stick by your side hell or high water, no matter what. You forget to feed miserable ass Garfield once and BANG that little piece of shit blew you the fuck up! Reminds me of the old joke: If you leave your dog, cat and girlfriend locked in a car trunk for 3 hours, who is the only one wagging their tail, giving you kisses and happy to see you when you come back?

You guessed it!

God I love Dogs

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